Types of Siebel Web clients and associated issues

Siebel Web clients operate in two modes:

  1. High Interactivity Mode
  2. Standard Interactivity Mode

Siebel High Interactivity Mode: The High Interactivity mode is used for Siebel employee related applications like Siebel Call Center or Siebel Sales. This mode uses the browser’s ActiveX technology. Using this, few ActiveX controls are downloaded to the user’s PC when Siebel application is accessed. There are few advantages of using this mode like below:

  1. Fewer Page refreshes: For the user’s actions in the application, it enabled less page refreshes to update the data or do some actions like when user is navigating from one record to another or accessing the menu items.
  2. Implicit Commit: In this mode, the record is saved once the user steps off the record in the application.
  3. Support for Client Side scripting: Client side scripting allows to execute some tasks locally on the user’s PC for improving the server performance. This mode also allows other usability features in the application.

Below are few examples of the ActiveX controls:

  1. SiebelAx_HI_Client.cab: This will enable the Siebel High Interactivity Framework and allows the Siebel employee applications to run in High Interactivity mode.
  1. SiebelAx_OutBound_mail.cab: This will provide the Siebel Outbound Email Support which enables the client-side email integration (for Lotus Notes or Microsoft Outlook).

 These are stored in C:\WINDOWS\Downloaded Program Files\

 Standard Interactivity Mode: This mode is used for the Siebel Customer applications like Siebel partner portal application. This does not use browser’s ActiveX technology and is not interactive as High Interactivity applications.

 Common issues related to High Interactivity mode applications:

 1. Issue: Appearance of square shaped fonts for the data in the application

The Siebel application uses special fonts for displaying the asian characters in the application for data. If the application is displaying these characters as square boxes instead of actual characters, the probable reason could be missing of needed fonts on the web server

Solution: Check if the font file ‘Arial Unicode MS’ is available in the <SWEAPP>/webmaster/enu folder on the Siebel web server. If it is not available, copy it from other place or download it. If it is available, it would have corrupted so replace it with a new one.

 2. Issue: Unable to download of High Interactivity Framework

Sometimes we see issues with downloading the High Interactivity Framework when accessing the Siebel applications or Siebel remote client. In such cases we see red ribbon on the top of the browser, asking for permission.

Solution: The reason for this could be disable of ActiveX plug-ins in the Browser settings. Below is the solution for it.

Open the Internet Explorer and then go to Tools->Options->Security->Internet->Custom level (click button) -> ActiveX controls and plug-ins.

Here enable/prompt all options.

Restart the browser and access the application without any issues.


3. Issue: Scripting error pop-up

while launching/accessing the web client or remote client a pop-up appears displaying the scritpting error it encountered. Once this comes, sometimes it won’t allow you to work or the applicaiotn will hung for long time and you may need to kill the browser and relaunch the applicaiotn. This is frustrating for the user at times.

Solution: Uncheck the option ‘Display a notification about every script error’ in the IE-> Tools->Options->Avanced, as shown below.